Losing Weight by Counting Calories

Health bandThere are many ways of losing weight and one of them is counting calories. Many popular diets are actually a variation or another of this method. Most diets recommend 1200 to 1500 calories a day. It might seem little, but used wisely those calories can represent a bigger food intake than prior to the diet.

Counting calories might seem like a daunting task, but these days there are so many health band available that it is actually quite easy to count calories accurately. A web search will yield numerous results and food packaging now provide all required information.

These days, the greatest majority of food products sold in supermarkets display nutrition facts. A glimpse at the back of a box can provide all necessary details. However, it is also important to take in consideration the portion size for which the calories, fat, sodium and other nutrients are calculated. Every new comer to calorie counting came home with what was supposed to be a great find to realise that the portion size was ridiculously small. Comparison between brands and understanding of actual portion sizes can come handy in such situation.

Calorie counters should not feel stifle by the portion size indicated on the box. There is no rule dictating that it is necessary to eat exactly the portion indicated. Simply dividing the number of calories by the numbers of grams, millimetres or ounces in a portion will provide a calorie by gram, millimetre or once that can then be used to increase or decrease the portion size.

In order to do so, there are a few tools that come quite handy: kitchen scale and measuring cups and spoons. If those are essential to any dieter, since portion control is one of the keys to losing weight, they are even more important for those who count calories. To ensure accurate calorie count it is essential to carefully measure portions. A few grams of extra food can add tens of calories. Time consuming at first, measuring and weighing food rapidly becomes a habit.

Pre-packaged foods are easy since the producers usually provide the information. However, this is not a reason to stay away from fruits, vegetables and meats. There are many free websites that offer a variety of options. Someone interested in calorie counting should experience with them until the perfect one is found.

Counting calories allows a little more flexibility since the dieter chooses what to eat. However, it is also important to keep in mind balance. The diet needs to follow the rules of healthy eating and incorporate all food groups. This is something that may be easy to lose sight of. No food is really off limit and it is easy to think that as long the daily allotment of calories is not exceeded, it does not matter what is being consumed. It is useful to remember in such case that fruits and vegetables, often neglected, will allow a bigger intake of food than bread for example.

Calorie counting requires dedication, but it is a proven way of losing weight. After all, one of the basic rules of dieting is that more calories need to be burned that what is being consumed. Counting calories is a sure way to achieve that. If nothing else, it will help the dieter to realize how much calories are being consumed everyday.

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