Best Lawn Mowers 2017

BIG lawn mower 3The year has just begun, but lawn mowers have already started competing for the best lawn mowers 2017 titles. We live in a century which is full of technology, machines and cement sidewalks. Many want to break free, leave their monotonous routines and start gardening for example. And what is best for gardening than some best lawn mower.

Riding Lawn Mower

Traditional American company has good riding models. They have easy navigation that is very quick too. Comfortable access to the narrow areas is delivered too. The seat of these models are very comfortable, furnished and they can rotate. 30 inches is cutting width and these models are gas-powered. 1.3 gallons is the capacity of their fuel. 5 variable blade settings are offered for cutting purpose. And their warranty can take up to two years.

All Wheel Drive Mower

This type of mower cleans vast landscapes in a short period of time with ease. Its speed is controlled with help of the trigger very easily. 22 inches is its cutting width. Automatic wheel drive system is built in. 105 pounds is weight of this product and it is gas –powered.

Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

In case you want to finish your work in a minimum time, you can try self-propelled gas lawn mower. Around 72 pounds can be its weight. Gas is its main power source. 6.5 ft. is the size of its engine. Tru-Start Commitment of three years is provided. Huge number of clippings is contained in its bag, so user can empty it very fast. In 20 minutes its parts can be assembled very easy. If you like quite work, this model doesn’t generate noise.

24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower

Those kinds of models can be used on daily basis. Because they are very easy to use, with no much noise. The models are small sized but they have wide-range features. They are enhancing the fertility of the ground with much needed ingredients to the soil. Battery is very easy to remove, with help of the handle system.

So they have charger, grass bag, 24-volt battery which is removable. Electric start is typical for those machines and around 30 pounds is their weight. 13 inches is length of their blade. 100 000 and more of the land can be cut by these models single charge.

As we witness further development of our technology, there will be even better innovations. But right now, enjoy what the world is offering and chose one and best lawn mower for yourself in this 2017 year.

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