Creating Advanced Animations with a Photoshop Animation Tutorial

girl_sea_smoke_sailing_ships_photoshop_102244_3840x2160There is no denying that animation is not new to Photoshop but it has definitely come a very long way over the years. An overhauling of the timeline panel has been done and the introduction of video layers has also been completed. The creation of a key frame animation has also been introduced. These additions have all worked very well to advance the art of animation within Photoshop Tutorials.

Despite the fact that Photoshop still has some miles to cover as far as the creation of cinematic and high end animations is concerned, it is still currently very capable of coming up with an animation that is complex and advanced. These can come in very handy when you are in a situation where you are not willing to learn a new application.

The timeline panel has definitely made a big contribution to the ability of Photoshop to make these complex animations that people are able to enjoy today. When you click on the timeline panel, it will give you the choice between two timelines; the frame and the video. Select the frame timeline in the event that you are looking to come up with frame by frame animation but bear in mind that this particular timeline happens to be quite limiting. It basically functions by having the layers available in your layers panel converted into individual frames. The video frame timeline on the other hand allows you to come up with key frame animation. This is an animation process that basically allows you to define certain points of animation that are key along a certain timeline and then Photoshop will interpret all the frames that are in between to come up with cohesive animation.

The advancements and changes that have been made on Photoshop definitely work much better to enhance one’s creativity and to also bring one’s imagination to life. All these advancements work very well to take the animation aspect to a whole new level. They are actually not very hard to use and one can very easily learn to use them. Especially if you are one person that has been using Photoshop for a while now, these advancements will be very easy for you to catch onto.

There are quite a number of Photoshop animation tutorial available online that can guide you very easily into the use of these advanced features. The tutorials are usually very basic and will not take you a long time to understand what it is they are trying to teach you. You simply need to conduct a search with the keyword Photoshop Animation tutorial and quiet a number will come up and you can use the one that will work best for you.

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